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Friday, September 04, 2015

Where Does It Pay To Shop Online?

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Have you heard of EBATES? I heard it for the first time in 2006. As I had curiosity about their offering -- Where it pays to shop online -- I wondered if I would get as like what they had advertised, so I signed up and started searching. The result was satisfied. They work with a bunch of big-name brands like Nordstrom, Amazon, Kohls, etc., so I gave it a try by making an order for the stuff I needed and got money back through Paypal. It's free and super easy to use. I had been several times getting money back from EBATES, but then I stopped continuing it as I began to work at Walmart. Since then, I forgot about EBATES.

Recently their marketing activities popped up last year. Every month I got a reminder email informing my Monthly Account Statement that has a pending cash. I tried to check it out after many months I ignored it, and Whoa la!!! They have added many big-name brands like Walmart, TurboTax, GoDaddy, eBay, Jc Penny,, Sprint, TraightTalk, VirginAmerica, Vistaprint,, Teleflora (where my ex-fiance--my husband now--sent the flowers to me from USA to Indonesia), T-Mobile, Staples, Kitchen World, Starbucks Store, Spa & Wellness Giftcard, Sony Store, Sleepy's, Shutterfly, Sears, Sanrio (my favorite character), Sam's Club, Rite Aid, PetSmart, Philips, Samsung, PBS KIDS shop, Office Depot and OfficeMax, Nike, NBA Store, Music & Arts, Microsoft Store, Lowe's, Levi's, L.L. Bean, HBO Store, Gymboree, Golf Outlet USA, Godiva, Etsy, Dollar General, Disney Store, Crayola, Babie R Us, Auto Zone, AT&T Wireless, Armani, Apple Store, 4inkjets, Yves Rocher (one of my favorite beauty products), CheapTickets Air,   Estée Lauder, and other hundreds big-name brands. 

It sounds interesting, doesn't it? I might take a look again when one day I look for something I need. If they have it, I'll purchase from there. Check it out! Maybe you're interested to take a look. Have fun, get some money back, and happy shopping! ***
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Letter for Representative Harry Lewis Jr.

Representative Harry Lewis Jr.
315 West First Avenue
Parkesburg, 19365

Dear Mr. Lewis Jr.,

     Two weeks ago I read Chescobus Public Notice. It mentions the City of Coatesville eliminated their financial support of the Coatesville LINK in March 2015. The City's elimination of their financial support requires that alternative local funding sources be secured from businesses and municipalities along the LINK service area. If alternative funding sources are not found, the Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC) will be forced to drastically reduce Coatesville LINK service as soon as July 2015.

     This service is very important to me and many Walmart associates who live in Coatesville and Parkesburg. I believe there are many people also use this service to go to their work located along Route 30 or wherever the bus passes the companies they work at. Because of how vital this service is to me and the surrounding community, maybe there is a chance from you to help us to partner with TMACC to find local, sustainable match funding sources.

     I appreciate your consideration to find a solution for this letter. 

(Your name)
(Your employer name) Associate, (city, PA)

I wrote that letter above yesterday morning before going to work and sent it in the afternoon. If you, your family, your friends or any other people you know who live in Coatesville or Parkesburg, PA and often go to work, Lancaster General Hospital or other places by Chescobus (Coatesville LINK), you can also send the similar letter or call Representative Harry Lewis Jr. at 610-857-2145 or contact Coatesville City Council and your municipal, Chester County and State elected officials. Tell them how vital the Coatesville LINK is to you and your community, and urge them to partner with TMACC to find local, sustainable match funding sources.

Contact list of State elected officials:

Senator Andrew Dinniman
1 North Church Street, West Chester, 19380

Senator John Rafferty Jr.
2325 Pottstown Pike, Pottstown, 19465

Representative Becky Corbin
180 Gordon Drive, Suite 106, Exton, 19341

Representative Tim Hennessey
351 West Schuylkill Road, Suite 9, Pottstown, 19645

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Growing After Being A New Citizen

Even though I have been almost 13 years living in the USA, I am still learning many new things--like a person who is aged almost 13 years old that still needs to learn a lot things. I consider my age of 13 years old of becoming a resident in the USA. I love learning so I can grow. So what I have been learning? OK, let me write a long list below:
- learning to so speak English in my daily activities;
- becoming a wife to an American;
- becoming a mother to my baby and my three grown up kids (teenagers at that time);
- becoming a cook lover;
- becoming active using internet to browse many interesting stuffs;
- learning to write after almost 20 years absent;
- learning to blogging using my second language;
- learning to be a self-published author;
- learning to know the school system by following the school activities of my youngest daughter;
- learning about American Girl Scouts systems and activities which my youngest daughter joins in;
- learning how to garden and grow flowers, fruits and vegetables in the country who has four different seasons;
- learning to apply jobs;
- learning how to interact with many type of Americans;
- learning how to socialize with my husband's big family;
- learning how to socialize with others;
- learning to volunteer at elementary school by teaching students reading;
- learning the new skills by taking some courses in the different fields: crafting in English writing, entrepreneurship, marketing, administrative assistance and federal taxes;
- learning many new systems from paying bills, health insurance, purchasing online, etc.;
- learning to handle many new challenging things happened in family circumstances that mostly drive me crazy;
- and many other things.
Believe or not, I still need to learn many things. Learning is awesome even though sometimes it makes my nerves become tense; drains my energy, time, thought, and money (hahaha).
Becoming a new citizen is the right decision. My family is here. My soul is here. So, here I am with lot of hopes, goals and dreams. 
So what I have done after being a new citizen? For this answer, I don't have a long list but I have been satisfied for taking two big steps: protecting my family by having life insurance and building the stronger financial by having an investment.
And what will I plan to do next? For this answer, I still don't have a long list either, but several things I am sure to do soon is continuing my tax school (Intermediate level) this summer and becoming a volunteer in the community. (What I really enjoy my life--good and bad) ***
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Journey Beyond Easter

As like Christmas, Easter is one of important parts of our Savior's journey and for us to celebrate as Christians.  We celebrate Life! The winning of life! The implementation in our life to share with others is simple. It is how others see us in our daily life. To fulfill this vision we need to act. According one of the sources I read today, mentions: 
* Nourish our soul and mind
Our Daily Bread helps me to be reminded everyday. Using online ODB in Indonesian, my soul and mind are renewed again. Reading books is also one of the smart choices. My lunch time at work is the perfect time to do this. One more thing: singing/praise Him or listening the worship songs.
* Study the Word
It has been answered above. Attending Sunday service and listen the sermon. I always encourage my little daughter to attend Sunday school and other activities that connects with her growing Christianity life: 5 Life every month and Camp Good News every summer. If there is Bible study available, I'll send her there too. 
* Grow together
Going to church together, praying together, sharing together, watching His story together, and any activities that can build our Christianity life I'll do it with my family and close friends. 
* Teach our kids about Him
I read what my little daughter read: The Bible adventure. I have trained her since she started to read independently (Second grade). I gave her as Christmas present and till now she is still reading it. We read and pray. Our Father in Heaven prayer is a must prayer said before going to sleep. 
* Remember the cross
This is not an easy part. As we struggle in many things happened in our life, it is the right moment to remember the cross. We are not alone. He has carried us on her back. He bears our burdens and sets us free. (Thank you God)
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God, please, help me to learn what you want me to do to follow your steps so I won't be outside of the lines from what you have planned. If I may ask, could you please show me if my plans are as same as yours? about 1 minute ago from web


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