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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Journey Beyond Easter

As like Christmas, Easter is one of important parts of our Savior's journey and for us to celebrate as Christians.  We celebrate Life! The winning of life! The implementation in our life to share with others is simple. It is how others see us in our daily life. To fulfill this vision we need to act. According one of the sources I read today, mentions: 
* Nourish our soul and mind
Our Daily Bread helps me to be reminded everyday. Using online ODB in Indonesian, my soul and mind are renewed again. Reading books is also one of the smart choices. My lunch time at work is the perfect time to do this. One more thing: singing/praise Him or listening the worship songs.
* Study the Word
It has been answered above. Attending Sunday service and listen the sermon. I always encourage my little daughter to attend Sunday school and other activities that connects with her growing Christianity life: 5 Life every month and Camp Good News every summer. If there is Bible study available, I'll send her there too. 
* Grow together
Going to church together, praying together, sharing together, watching His story together, and any activities that can build our Christianity life I'll do it with my family and close friends. 
* Teach our kids about Him
I read what my little daughter read: The Bible adventure. I have trained her since she started to read independently (Second grade). I gave her as Christmas present and till now she is still reading it. We read and pray. Our Father in Heaven prayer is a must prayer said before going to sleep. 
* Remember the cross
This is not an easy part. As we struggle in many things happened in our life, it is the right moment to remember the cross. We are not alone. He has carried us on her back. He bears our burdens and sets us free. (Thank you God)
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What am I doing right now?
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God, please, help me to learn what you want me to do to follow your steps so I won't be outside of the lines from what you have planned. If I may ask, could you please show me if my plans are as same as yours? about 1 minute ago from web

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Special March 2015

I used to celebrate February as my special month. It is the month when the first time I breathed the earth air, first time blogging, and first time to have my first novel, Enthusiasm, published in the USA and Indonesia within 2 years.

This year I prefer March becomes my special month. A month where God gives me the Promised Land officially that I never thought before I met my soul-mate. I could feel my father and my brother in heaven were happy to see me happy with my whole family members. They also didn't need to worry when I visited my hometown next several years.

Thank you everyone who had involved throughout the long process--family members and friends. Huge appreciation for your great supports. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Next steps are in the progress now and I asked His guidance and blessings to reach one of my dreams: visiting beautiful and exotic Indonesia.

These pictures are the representation of my special celebration this month, March 2, 2015. Thank you Ruth for taking these all pictures.

During ceremony, they played a video accompanied by the song I attached in the end of this post. Hardly I held my tears, wishing my father and my brother could hear my voice singing this song even though none of words came out from my mouth.***

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God, please listen and answer my prayers! Thank you. about 1 minute ago from web

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello 2015

It had been over three months I was absent from blogging. Having cold a week after Thanksgiving, having examinations in December and busy with my new job and preparing online writing course for 2015 class. Thank you for your patience for waiting my updated news here, and this is my first post in 2015. 

I promised to post pictures of our Thanksgiving last year. So, these are along with Christmas pictures and another picture.
Our Turkey was different last year. I found the new recipe from a Walmart Associate at
Walmart magazine. Turkey was more tasty. Nyam!
My youngest daughter tried to make turkey cookies. She had fun learning to make it.
"It's easy and fun," she said.
Our dinning table with a big delicious turkey.
It was my turn to take their picture,
"Let's eat!" said my husband. He could not wait even it was only a second to take a picture.
With my husband and our children before having lunch on Christmas.
I cooked Nasi Soto Ayam and fried shrimp crackers.
Everyone enjoyed them.
The week after getting license from IRS as Certified Tax Preparer after I passed exams.
I enjoyed lot of new experiences of having this new career.
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What am I doing right now?

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Make an appointment with me to prepare your tax return.
My office: Liberty Tax Service is located in Coatesville, Route 30, 209 E. Lincoln Hwy.
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Thanksgiving

Well, well, Thanksgiving will be next several days. My husband and I will work on Thanksgiving day so we decided to have family Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.

My brain gets wild when I would like to prepare big meal. As you know cooking is one of my interests besides singing, writing and gardening. I can be hours and hours cooking in my kitchen like I do gardening or writing. 

So, I have been thinking about what kind of food I would like to cook. I like different kinds of food although the theme of foods would be the same. Several interesting recipes I have found and I really love to try them. What are they? Sssst . . . they are secret! 

Hmm, you can't wait to know, can you? Then you should be patient to wait for my next post. Meanwhile waiting for it, I would like to invite you to visit this link if you like listening different kind of music. Do you ever hear about the name of a composer, Jeffrey Ruckman? If you haven't like me before my sister in law sent me this link, you can read this article and listen the music he has composed nicely between traditional music from Indonesia and modern music and let me know what do you think.

Then I'll come back next week with another interesting post--and of course it would be about our Sunday Thanksgiving. (*)

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What am I doing right now?
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Still having several homework for tomorrow morning for the last class of Tax School.
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